Its never a dull moment living with this one
"Summer" is high spirtited & smart, loves everyone & everything.  
Two speeds FAST & Stop!!!

She makes us laugh & tired with her endless energy of activities, be it by herself on an adventure in the back yard or with us at a show or in the water, this girl stops when she is alseep.  
A very special girl full of spirit & confidence, not unlike her parents, with a little bit of naughty tossed in. 
A big girl with good bone throughout, her head is broad with a lovely dark expressive eye.
Moving freely with reach & drive that comes from confirmation strength & balance.

This girl is a natural at water rescue with a beautiful soft temperament to match, excellent health checks everything & more
to go on with my lines.
Achieving some nice Show & Group results in the show ring, I am looking forward to the adventure this one has
& will continue to bring to our lives.
Summer taught so well by Chloe has been a wonderful mother to her first litter. 
                                          This continues at our puptogether days when she lets the kids know who's boss!


"Savannah" a daughter from Summer & granddaughter to Chloe

This wee one has hit the show ring like she has been here before, commanding attention as she moves freely around, then a kiss to each judge as they go over her.
Soft in temperament like her father Kahney, yet full of life & confidence, a broad skull complimented by her beautiful dark expressive eyes, good bone & a level top line, a nice little package at such a young age

With thanks to the Judges to date for your compliments & your awards for my newest girl.

Savannah is currently in training for her Pets Therapy work following in her mother & grandmothers Summer & Chloes paws

Chloe is my fourth Newfoundland & when I couldn't decide between 3 girls, she picked me, we have been a team since that very moment.  Chloe has achieved great awards in the show ring often against Supreme & Grand Champions.  
Some proud show moments are when she became a Grand Champion with her final points winning a Best In Group,  her achievement of Best In Speciality Show & her ROM title.
For a bitch to have from only 2 litters 5 off spring that have become Australian Champions is a wonderful accolaid for her I believe. 

However great the results in the show ring nothing can compare to ​the impact Chloe has had on my life it is immeasurable.
I watched her take on the roll of pack leader, with ease when she lost her best friend Abby. Chloe is the matriarch of my kennel & my lines.

Chloe has rasied nutured & loved 2 litters.  Its something I treasure watching the love this mother has for her puppies.   
This unconditional love continues to this day, wether be at home or visiting her kids.
She loves swimming at the lake or the beach & would stay in the water all day if I let her.



Maggie May is full of love & just wants to please, 
Maggie like her mother Chloe & sister Summer loves to swim at the lake or beach. 

Maggie is enjoying being back in the show ring! Like her Australian title she
achieved her Neuter title in just 7 shows,
but her true calling is for Pets Therapy.

Maggie goes to work each day, the students & staff's faces light up when greeted by
Maggie at the door..  
She has her daily jobs to do she collects the mail,newspaper pamplets, & is on standby
for a hug or pat as everyone walks by.

Maggie is Chloe's daughter from the first litter & was the only black girl in the litter as pictured.
Maggie May

Our BIG Mr.... Well Taxi just loves being with us & his girls he is Chloe's half brother with a different mother.  
He achieved his Australian Championship title with ease, but decided that he would rather sit & watch everyone else run around the ring rather than run around the ring himself.  

He has a stunning head & massive bone & the stubborn temperament that goes with this breed.   He is a bit lazy loves his food &
talks back to us when he doesn't get his own way.  
He has the softest of soft natures he lets the girls tell him what to do & is happy living life this way....  
We love him to bits!